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Diesel Generator Keystar Control Panel

Standard control panel is the basic configure for normally operation and using. The advantages of this panel are easy operation, comprehensive function and reliable protection and so on. There are bottons of electrifying, preheating, shutting off(emergent stop), etc. on the gauge. Control panel will stop the whole Generator set and alarm as well when malfunction appears.


Automatic Start Control Panel

Kingte automatic start Control Panel choose the KAIXUN320B LCD controller,the generator intelligent controller adopts high performance computer chip ,can modify control procedure and protection parameters of generator ,which incorporating measure ,control ,portection and three remote functions and so on ,an fully satisfactory different kinds of Genset auto control requirement for generator user and or special assembly factory.

The controller measure and display all output digital parameters for generator ,and rpm,oil pressure ,water temperature,DC voltage and run time for engine .And the voltage and curren use real virtral value measure to make sure the data more exacter .


Automatic Parallel Control Panel

Specific unit of  parallel operation of genset.

Optional paralle modules for diesel engines (U.S. GAC) or machines and computer system or a high level of integration controller (DEIF) figures And systems.

Manual / automatic multi-parallel, centralized control, simple operation.

Active average load automatically, load imbalance ratio adjustment.

Automatic peak shaving inputs, under the load capacity of changes, adjustments in the number of units.

Automatic frequency tracking, automatic synchronize control.

Active and reactive load of non-poor distribution.

Soft-loading, unloading input.

Reverse power, super-power detection and shutdown protection.

Short-circuit and over-current protection unit.


Automatic Loading Transfer Switch Panel (ATS)

ATS cabinet cna be automatically converted to achieve both on the power of power,when the main power is avalable ,genset auto matically return to the main power supply.

To achieve uninterrupted power to protect the normal production plant.

Standby genset can be paralled into operation sysytem when automatically transferred switch is running.all load are transferred to the running standby genset, after the original genset stop working without power off.

The power outage more stringent requirements of the power system,we should use electricity /units switching system.

The overall structure is simple, small size, shape aesthetics, security and stability, and easy to operate, long life, Short time switch,safe and secured.


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