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Product Name:Sound Proof generator
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Soundproof Diesel Generator
Kingte Power Soundproof diesel genset is a result of long-term exploring and research by our professional engineers. We use soundproof canopy to reduce the noise which makes genset reach the noise control EU standards of 2000/14/EC.
Kingte Power soundproof canopy use the thick steel plates and latest advanced sound-absorbing materials. The ventilation system for genset adopts circulating-wind type which could effectively reduces the noise. Louvers are mounted on the canopy intake to resist rain water and foreign materials. A particular high performance muffler is also adopted between the gensets and base frame. Genset installed with several absorbers which can further reduce the noise noise. Kingte Power soundproof canopy has a combination structure equipped with maintenance door and instrumentation door which allows easy installation, observation and maintenance. The noise can be reduced to 65 to 75 Db (at LP 7M) depending on different power ratings of gensets.
Kingte Power soundproof canopy muffler is in side of the canopy and got very solid construction which make it difficult to cause damage in hostile and harsh environments. Each part of the canopy is equipped with exchangeable parts which can be changed on the work site easily.

1. High-prevent-corrosion materials; 
2. Stainless steel lock and hinge;
3. Zinc-planting and stainless steel button; 
4. Steel fabric, the surface was treated with phosphorus, and then sprayed with polyester powder; 
5. Easy for  maintainance; 
6. The door was installed on both sides of the soundproof; 
7. The door was supported by pneumatic spring-loaded doors; 
8. Outlet of lube and cooling water drain-pipe was installed outside the canopy; 
9. Security protective measures; 
10.The observation window of control screen can be installed on the door of control panel box; 
11. Movable easily; identifiable hoisting aperture;
 12. Protection devices for cooling fans and batteries; 
13. Open the side-door then add fuel and replace batteries; 
14. Silencer system is completely inside the soundproof; 
And we also supply high-quality Trailer mounted gensets and vehicle carried gensets and weatherproof canopied gensets etc. 
Kingte Power Container Type Soundproof Generator Set 
Kingte Power can supply ISO Standard or Non ISO Standard Container soundproof gensets. The ISO certified containers genset are very easy and reliable to be transported.

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